Selasa, 1 Mei 2012

its been a while since i  didnt updated my blog :) so here i am :) writing bout what's going on with my life :) im currently in a relationship with FREDDY KENNEDY ;) we declared on 23rd of April :) but we decided to keep it real low :) and im going to further my studies in Form 6 in SMK Muara Tuang. im soo anxious to be there and im a lil' scared though :| cause i've never been to any real high school before. being in an elite school before is wayy different :( there isnt as many students as they have in the real school :( so im afraid that someone might bully me :"( hopefully that wont happen :) and then i'm offered in Science Stream at Lower Six :) but im still hoping for my UiTM results. i really hope i can enter there. i really want to take nursing :| hem...soo.. im really nervous + anxious + excited + and scared at the moment :( somebody just please slap me on my face D': im going to miss my besties here though. im not ready yet to get back to school. my head is still super empty :D haha. i remembered i only study for my exams :P LOL much.. well, there's nothing much to blab about :) i guess i'll write again next time. and oh yea, im a boarder so i'll be online during weekends only :) i'll miss each and everyone of u :") take good care of urself readers!