Rabu, 21 November 2012


AT LAST!!!~ i can log in to my blog and gmail again!!Thank God!~ with a lil' help from my bestie ERRA RAFIZAH!~ love uuuu syg!~ ♡ ● ♡ ● ♡ ● ♡ ● ♡ to the ones who hacked it last time, thank you and i already forgiven u darla ;) i don't like to mingle in my past though :) my Final Examination results are okayy ;) higher than i expected though. cus i only thought i will get lower than that :'D im sooooo happy bout it.. hoho... Relationship ?? :') yea :) mine is on a rocky situation rite now. but imma stay strong baby!~ u bet i will! ;) i've always been strong before so this time i will stay strong too ;) that is all for now people ;) hope each and everyone of u will always have a good and blessed life!~

Isnin, 20 Ogos 2012

Life in UiTM :D

heyyyy guys! it's been a while since i didn't posted anything on my blog. well.. here goes :D First of all, happy Eid to all Muslim friends that are celebrating :) u've been fasting for a month and this is the time to go "ngabang" and tighten our relationship bond :) 

I've quit Form 6 already :) bcos I have an offer on Diploma in Nursing in UiTM :) 

so now am currently at UiTM babyyy ! :D awesome life here though :) 

I still miss my friends :') i wish i could turn back the time :") and now am in relationship with MALSTEIN UNGUN ANAK WILLIAM :) 

well..... life is pretty hard nowadays :) with all the packed schedules and dramas made by some sluts and whores :) i still keep them as my friends though (honestly from the bottom of my heart ) just that my ego is still too high to ask for forgiveness :) and to forgive :) 

life at UiTM huh ? :) met new friends and mostly, the nursing students are very friendly... learnt how to do perineal care, bed bath etc :) it's quite fun although its very tiring :) 

well... that's all for now :D ran out of idea liao :D i'll keep in track what's new with my life later ;) God bless people! :D chiaow!~

#here are some pics of me and him :D

and here are some pics of me and my friends at UiTM :)

Ahad, 17 Jun 2012


long time since i didnt update my blog. well, here goes of what's new in my life :) 

im now furthering my study in SMK Muara Tuang as a Form 6 student in Science stream :)

welllll... problems ?? everyday got problem but thanks God i can overcome it :')

breakups, heartbreaks, and backstabbers. envious bitches, deceitful rumours, was always there cause people will always find a way to destruct you :) well, people hate it when new students get in their school and make many new friends right ? ;)

well, i just have to be strong and pursue with our study :) im here to study and not to care of what those people think bout me :)

what goes around comes around aite ? ;) it proves that my life is more awesome than theirs. that's why they are very jealous of me ;) and my friends :)

made a lot of friends here though!! <3 aaaww!!! i  love all of 'em! :D


but im moving soon to SMK TUN ABANG HAJI OPENG :)
i have to leave my awesome friends here ;( huhuhu...
hopefully they will never forget me and cherish all the memories that we had together :')

#im very and truly sorry if i ever crossed ur feelings, guys! im imperfect. forgive me for my weaknesses :')

that's all peeps!!! till next time!! xoxo!!!

Selasa, 1 Mei 2012

its been a while since i  didnt updated my blog :) so here i am :) writing bout what's going on with my life :) im currently in a relationship with FREDDY KENNEDY ;) we declared on 23rd of April :) but we decided to keep it real low :) and im going to further my studies in Form 6 in SMK Muara Tuang. im soo anxious to be there and im a lil' scared though :| cause i've never been to any real high school before. being in an elite school before is wayy different :( there isnt as many students as they have in the real school :( so im afraid that someone might bully me :"( hopefully that wont happen :) and then i'm offered in Science Stream at Lower Six :) but im still hoping for my UiTM results. i really hope i can enter there. i really want to take nursing :| hem...soo.. im really nervous + anxious + excited + and scared at the moment :( somebody just please slap me on my face D': im going to miss my besties here though. im not ready yet to get back to school. my head is still super empty :D haha. i remembered i only study for my exams :P LOL much.. well, there's nothing much to blab about :) i guess i'll write again next time. and oh yea, im a boarder so i'll be online during weekends only :) i'll miss each and everyone of u :") take good care of urself readers!

Sabtu, 21 April 2012

nothing much to say :D

Sometimes, the best way to appreciate something is to be without it for a while.

Nothing is better than seeing your ex with someone uglier than you.

Strangers can become best friends, as easily as best friends can become strangers.

You can tell a girls a million times she's beautiful and she will never believe it. But call her ugly,only once, and she'll never forget it.

Live your life how you want to. Who cares if it's not good enough for someone else.

If someone really wants to be a part of your life, they will really make an effort to be in it. There's no need for you to try so hard.

Your body is what makes you sexy. Your smile is what makes makes you pretty. But your personality is what makes you beautiful.

Jumaat, 20 April 2012


Talking about a past relationship doesnt mean you're still stuck on it, sometimes its a reminder not to screw up again.

The best couple in the world is smile and tears . They are not seen together but when they are together , it is the best moment of life.

You can't change what has already happened so don't waste your time thinking about it, move on, let go and get over it, it's done

If something's bound to happen, it will happen.. Right time, right person, and for the best reason.

The higher you build the walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

When you text your crush& they dont reply feel happy because they've probably fainted because their so happy to see your name on their phone

A relationship without trust is like having a phone with no service. And what do you do with a phone with no service? You play games.

Rabu, 18 April 2012

Life As Me: goodnight people!!!

Life As Me: goodnight people!!!: a little something from me to all of u :) goodnight!! love all of u!

goodnight people!!!

a little something from me to all of u :) goodnight!! love all of u!

i love u!

i dont care

lately these days life is turning to a living hell. :/ lots of heartbreaks, liars, hypocretes and backstabbers around me. haih ! its ok. no matter what heppened, i'll keep my head up and smile for i know it might hurt those who hates me :) and btw, i have a new friend in driving class today. her name is Yanti. she's super duper awesome! :D i didnt bring any drinks and its a freaking hot day just now. and she gave me her extra mineral water and a packet of Crispy in case in get hungry :) i really miss my old friends though. miss the moments we've been thru together :) i screwed up my jpj test :( aiyui.. huhu... its ok.. :D i have to repeat again and mom nagged about me being such a failure lately.. :( im sorry mom... hurm.. it hurts when ur mom said things like that. but i know its my fault and i'll try my best to make her proud :') well... that's it for today. nothing much to say. and i miss my dear friend ERRA RAFIZAH. lama x cerita lagi :'D i know its been for hours only.. but i wanna tell her what happened today. huhuhu and i owe her an apology :') sorry sister! I WUF YOU!! :* that's all!! kbyee!! thanks for reading!!! :B