Rabu, 21 November 2012


AT LAST!!!~ i can log in to my blog and gmail again!!Thank God!~ with a lil' help from my bestie ERRA RAFIZAH!~ love uuuu syg!~ ♡ ● ♡ ● ♡ ● ♡ ● ♡ to the ones who hacked it last time, thank you and i already forgiven u darla ;) i don't like to mingle in my past though :) my Final Examination results are okayy ;) higher than i expected though. cus i only thought i will get lower than that :'D im sooooo happy bout it.. hoho... Relationship ?? :') yea :) mine is on a rocky situation rite now. but imma stay strong baby!~ u bet i will! ;) i've always been strong before so this time i will stay strong too ;) that is all for now people ;) hope each and everyone of u will always have a good and blessed life!~