Isnin, 20 Ogos 2012

Life in UiTM :D

heyyyy guys! it's been a while since i didn't posted anything on my blog. well.. here goes :D First of all, happy Eid to all Muslim friends that are celebrating :) u've been fasting for a month and this is the time to go "ngabang" and tighten our relationship bond :) 

I've quit Form 6 already :) bcos I have an offer on Diploma in Nursing in UiTM :) 

so now am currently at UiTM babyyy ! :D awesome life here though :) 

I still miss my friends :') i wish i could turn back the time :") and now am in relationship with MALSTEIN UNGUN ANAK WILLIAM :) 

well..... life is pretty hard nowadays :) with all the packed schedules and dramas made by some sluts and whores :) i still keep them as my friends though (honestly from the bottom of my heart ) just that my ego is still too high to ask for forgiveness :) and to forgive :) 

life at UiTM huh ? :) met new friends and mostly, the nursing students are very friendly... learnt how to do perineal care, bed bath etc :) it's quite fun although its very tiring :) 

well... that's all for now :D ran out of idea liao :D i'll keep in track what's new with my life later ;) God bless people! :D chiaow!~

#here are some pics of me and him :D

and here are some pics of me and my friends at UiTM :)