Rabu, 18 April 2012

i dont care

lately these days life is turning to a living hell. :/ lots of heartbreaks, liars, hypocretes and backstabbers around me. haih ! its ok. no matter what heppened, i'll keep my head up and smile for i know it might hurt those who hates me :) and btw, i have a new friend in driving class today. her name is Yanti. she's super duper awesome! :D i didnt bring any drinks and its a freaking hot day just now. and she gave me her extra mineral water and a packet of Crispy in case in get hungry :) i really miss my old friends though. miss the moments we've been thru together :) i screwed up my jpj test :( aiyui.. huhu... its ok.. :D i have to repeat again and mom nagged about me being such a failure lately.. :( im sorry mom... hurm.. it hurts when ur mom said things like that. but i know its my fault and i'll try my best to make her proud :') well... that's it for today. nothing much to say. and i miss my dear friend ERRA RAFIZAH. lama x cerita lagi :'D i know its been for hours only.. but i wanna tell her what happened today. huhuhu and i owe her an apology :') sorry sister! I WUF YOU!! :* that's all!! kbyee!! thanks for reading!!! :B

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